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Preparedness Costs Money! What Do You Do When You Need Money to Prep?

Money isn’t everything.  But as long as we live in the modern world, we need it to pay for goods and services.  If the money you bring in is a lot more than the goods and services you and your family require, then you are good.  But, if you don’t bring in enough money, then you have to be selective on what you spend your money on. The necessities need to be covered.  This can be an issue for a prepper who requires money to prep for a deep food pantry, water, and other prep related gear.

There are a lot of things a prepper can do to prepare on a budget.  But let’s be honest! Storing supplies cost money. What are preppers on a budget or with limited money supposed to do?  

Well, one option is to wait around until they win the lottery.  Or, they could wait until a rich family member leaves them some inheritance.  Or they could just hope really hard!

But the prepper, who isn’t content with waiting around until the stars align, and will get motivated, can make a big difference in their preparedness.  Smart preppers know they need to money to prep and to that, they need to increase their finances!

Money to Prep Your Finances Now, for Later

In the video below, I shared ways that preppers could save or bring in more money to their family account.  I hope you will take 10 minutes to watch this video below.

Did you get the last thing I talked about in the video?  The realization that I was running a microbiz by running Prepper Website and understanding that the website was a major factor in getting my family prepared was huge for me.  I realized that every prepper could benefit from this and earn more money to prep.

In my article, A Prepper Strategy for Getting Prepared the Right Way!, I shared a little of my story.

I started Prepper Website in September of 2011. I started reading a lot of great articles and it was great. Then someone contacted me about advertising – Tess Pennington from She was advertising her prepper cookbook and asked if she could advertise on my site.

I was blown away! No way was I expecting something like that! I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know how much to charge. We talked about it and finally agreed to the terms.  

 Again, I couldn’t believe it! I remember the first time I received the funds from that advertisement. I was like, “Wow! I’m getting paid $50 a month to do something that I love. This is something that I would normally be doing, but now I’m getting paid for it!” It wasn’t very long after that when people started contacting me and asking to also advertise on my site. It spiraled from there.  

Now I earn income from advertisements and from affiliate sales. These are affiliates that I believe in. I also earn income from Amazon. I get money from Google Adsense and other sources like that too! But that first money…

You Need Another Source of Income!

Listen, unless you work on a commission basis, there is only so much money you can bring into the family account.  You can try to get a promotion or move to a better paying job. Of course, you could get a second job. Or, you could increase your finances by doing something you love!

Yes!  You read that right!  People will pay you for doing what you love!  Just like I receive extra money to prep from Prepper Website, you can do the same!  The key is finding what you love to do and translating that into something that people will pay for.

The key is having a microbiz or heck, even several micro-businesses.  

Money to Prep

My question here is, “what could you do with an extra $50 a month?”  What if that was $50 a week? How would that change your food storage?  What if that helped you build your emergency fund so that you didn’t have to stress every time a bill came due?  What if you were able to start getting rid of some of the debt that is hanging over your head?

There are many people that will read to this point and stop.  They will think that starting a microbiz is too much work, or that they have nothing really to offer.  They won’t be able to see past their negativity to what is possible.

Sometimes I think about how easy it would have been for me to just not start Prepper Website.  I had challenges. But things worked out and I have been able to help people get better prepared by linking to the best articles every day and producing the podcast every week.  And, at the same time, I have helped my family prepare too!

If I did it, you can too!  You just need to start!

One of the first steps that I would encourage you to do is invest $7 in purchasing my ebook, “The Preparedness Community’s Guide to Increasing Your Finances and Starting a Microbiz.” I hope that the ebook will encourage you to start thinking about your possibilities for a microbiz and bringing in more money to prep.

To get the ebook – CLICK HERE.


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