Typical or Microbiz – What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

microbiz entrepreneur

You might want to stop reading this article right now!  This article isn’t for everyone.  In fact, most people should just skip over to Facebook and look for cat memes.  The adventurous, those left will want to keep reading, because the next few paragraphs will put a fire in your belly and get your mind racing with great possibilities.  Because you, my fellow adventurer, are an entrepreneur. But are you a full-blown entrepreneur or a microbiz entrepreneur?

According to Dictionary.com, an entrepreneur is someone “who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.”  That definition doesn’t really do a good job of describing an entrepreneur today.  An entrepreneur, in most of our minds, is someone who desires to start a business, taking on the potential liabilities and risks, but also the possibility of great financial success.

A typical entrepreneur is usually dealing with big amounts of money, either personal or from investors.  For many “normal” people, this can be a little scary and very stressful.  Questions like, “What if the business fails?” Or, “what if my timing is off?” Are questions that are always in the back of the entrepreneur’s mind.  The entrepreneur needs to be secure in their own abilities and at the same time be prepared to manage stress and anxiety as they pursue their dreams.

A microbiz entrepreneur is still an entrepreneur, but they are working on such a smaller scale, that if their business fails, they won’t lose their life savings or have to declare bankruptcy.   A microbiz entrepreneur is operating with little or no money down.  Thus, the stress and anxiety a typical entrepreneur might experience doesn’t apply.

However, the microbiz entrepreneur still has the ability to make money to the degree they are willing to work on their microbiz.

So what would a microbiz entrepreneur’s life look like?

Most microbiz entrepreneurs have a regular job.  This job pays their bills and keeps food on the table.  A microbiz entrepreneur might or might not like their regular job.  But the key here is they are not necessarily trying to turn their microbiz into their full time job.

Instead a microbiz offers the entrepreneur an opportunity to earn extra money to pay down debt, fund vacations or pay for specific items.  A microbiz could also be the passion project or an outlet for someone’s creative side.  In this case, earning extra money is just an added benefit.

What are some microbiz opportunities?

Basically, anything that someone is willing to pay for could be turned into a microbiz.  This means a microbiz could be selling decorative candles to hauling trash.  A microbiz could be offering to photograph Senior High School pictures to running an informative website.   The opportunities are limitless when you consider what you are good at and what people will pay for. Anything can be turned into a microbiz!

Are you a microbiz entrepreneur?

Ultimately it boils down to are you happy coming home from your 9 to 5, eating dinner and watching TV until it is time for bed?  Or would you rather use your evenings and weekends adding to your family budget and possibly paying off debt, purchasing needed items and being productive?  The choice is yours!

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