Earn Extra Money Doing What You Love

The Right Microbiz – Earn Extra Money Doing What You Love

Now more than ever, every one wanting to live a more independent lifestyle should start a microbiz or a side hustle. The key to the right microbiz is to earn extra money doing what you love to do. If you don’t, your microbiz will become a chore, another 9-5 or a stressor in your life that you don’t need. It’s not always about the extra money. It’s about earning the extra money while you are doing something that is fun or important to you.

The Side Hustle Trend

In the last five years, the term “side hustle” (microbiz’ more popular term) has been on an up-swing. More people are looking into what a side hustle is all about. Could it be that more people are in need financially too? Look at how the chart pegs up towards the end of 2020. The dots at the end represent Dec. 13-19, 2020, the week before this article was posted.

Due to the lockdowns and financial hardships of COVID-19, more and more people are trying to figure out how to make more money or add money to their family budget. The problem is that when you are stressed and in need, you will do anything that brings in money. That means you will push through, but also cause more stress on top of an already stressful situation. And if you are in that situation, you need to do whatever you need to do to get through.

But, if you are lucky enough right now to not have to do something you hate to survive, then you have the opportunity to get ahead of your finances and earn extra money doing what you love. I shouldn’t make it seem like those who are stuck having to do “whatever” to earn money don’t have this option too. But it will take effort and time to push through.

What Do You Love to Do?

Have you ever talked to or listened to someone who completely loves what they do? They seem like they have a lot of fun “working”! They love going to work and their job doesn’t seem like a chore. We might consider them lucky or that they were in the right place at the right time. But the truth is, they found a way to get paid for doing the things that bring them joy. They might have stumbled upon their job by accident or they might have been very purposeful about it! You, as the new microbiz entrepreneur want to be purposeful!

So what do you love to do?

Find a way to earn some extra cash doing what you love to do! You might say, “that’s easier said than done. No one would pay for what I love to do.” That is absolutely not true! You just haven’t put in enough time thinking about it. With the internet, you will always find someone interested in what you offer.

Ideas with a Little Bit of Effort

Let’s say you love to visit museums of all sorts. You like looking at the art, finding out who painted or sculpted it. You like finding those hidden gems that most miss. How in the world could you earn extra money doing what you love? Well, let’s see. What if you created a guide with the best museums and art exhibits to visit in your town. And what if you visited other cities and wrote up a little guide for that city too? What if you had a website that pointed out the best pieces of artwork and information about the artist?

How long do you think it would be before the art community in your city started visiting your website on a regular basis, promoting it, sharing your guides for you? What if the artist sold prints of their work and you could become an affiliate and earn some extra money providing a link back to their site?

Here’s another one. What if you are the outdoors type and like to find cool hiking day trips around your city? You could create a website around your hikes and share these great places with others who are interested in doing the same. You could link to some of your hiking gear and earn affiliate money when someone made a purchase! Or, what if you took pictures of great scenes on your hiking trip and sold them or put them on websites where you can earn a commission when someone purchased one?

Ok. One More Easy Entry Microbiz

Speaking of taking photos, do you like taking them? Do you have an eye for a great picture? You could set up a microbiz taking photos of others. Do some free sittings so that you can get some examples and testimonials, then start charging for your work! There are always high school seniors, wedding venues or wedding couples and special occasions that you could target! You could setup a backyard scene or a scene somewhere in a park and sign-up families and couples for a 30 minute photo session. They would come to you! Are you thinking about a Christmas, Harvest or Valentines scenes? If you have a camera and a website, you can easily start earning some real cash!

Figuring It All Out

If you are having difficulty figuring out what you’re good at, then you can always ask your close friends. Sometimes it is hard to recognize that you are truly talented in one area until someone helps you to see it. When they do share some ideas with you, ask them how they would see you earning some extra money with that talent. You just need one great idea to get you started on the road to earning extra money.

If you are still looking for help, you can always find a coach. A coach will help you walk-through some ideas and help point you in the right direction. Coaches are an unbiased individual that only want to see their clients succeed. It makes sense to invest a little money to get you started on your side hustle journey. If you are looking for affordable coaching, check out my service.


In our current economy, it makes total sense to have multiple streams of income. For many of us, our side hustle or microbiz won’t replace our 9 to 5. But it will bring in income to possibly weather a financial storm, pay-off some debt or put together an emergency fund. And when you do this in a way that allows you to earn extra money doing what you love, it is a big bonus and a blessing. I’ll end with this quote by Seth Godin, “Turning your passion into your job is easier than finding a job that matches your passion.”


Earn Extra Money Doing What You Love

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