Have you ever wanted to start your own microbiz website to promote your microbiz and didn’t know where to begin?

Do you work better following step-by-step how-to videos?

Would you like to earn money by providing a valuable resource, information or product to the your Community?

Todd Sepulveda - Microbiz owner

You can have a fully customizable microbiz website with your own domain name which would allow you to showcase your writing or products to help others find you online and hear your message.

Hi, I’m Todd Sepulveda, the editor of Prepper Website and the host of The Prepper Website Podcast.  On Prepper Website, I post 8-12 articles of the best Preparedness content on the web.  Since 2011, I have been heavily involved in the Preparedness Community and running Prepper Website has been my microbiz.

I’ve run Prepper Website since 2011 and hosted The Prepper Website Podcast since 2017. I look at preparedness websites and read preparedness articles everyday. I can help you with the tools to build your own preparedness website and make it a website others want to come back to.

“Thank you so much for all of your help.  I have been able to get my domain name and hosting paid for…”

– Grannie Pam – www.granniepam.com

I get a lot of email from Preppers. But one type of email that I receive often is from preppers who feel they don’t have enough money to prep.  It breaks my heart when I hear stories about others who are concerned that they won’t be ready when a crisis comes. 

Build Your Own Microbiz Website

In my own preparedness journey, I realized that running my microbiz, allowed money to come into my family budget that helped me to prepare.  Although I wasn’t going to leave my 9-5 to be a blogger, I was able to prepare and not disrupt our finances.  I am a big proponent of other preppers having a microbiz or a side hustle to bring in more money to get prepped.  

Other reasons to have a microbiz are to bring in money to pay-off debt and build an emergency fund.

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